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What is love's story? Could knowing that story help reconnect us with one another and create a world of hope; one in which differences don't divide but rather fascinate and inspire? Ride with us via our YouTube channel, TED/public speaking, upcoming book, and PRX radio series to discover that world through stories of the folks who live there and are building it every day! 

The Roads to Love And Hope Are Open - Let's Ride!

See Our Story

See Our Story

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The Story

A middle-aged, South Dakota biker couple looking for love might seem out of place in a Buddhist temple in New York, in Salt Lake City’s gay pride parade, the Baptist churches of Alabama, among the Amish of Pennsylvania, in a Colorado prison hospice, on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, the streets of East Detroit, or in the St. Louis Ballet. Yet, we have ridden out to them all in a quest to discover love and its human connections across our changing nation. Our videos and writings offer our own love story as well as our hopes and devotion to the idea that while the faces of America are changing, those faces needn't turn away from one another until we all become strangers in our own land. We delight in positivity and motivation, destroying stereotypes, and seeing the good in folks as we travel America, reconnecting diverse people and communities through stories of who, where, what, and how we all love!


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