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About Us

Together over forty years, Scotte and Toni have worked together as Renaissance Festival performers, in the Colorado music business, and as multimedia storytellers and radio show hosts. Pursuing Journeys to Love, they have ridden 48 states and over 100,000 miles across America. Lifelong Coloradans, they currently live in Spearfish, South Dakota.

Scotte Burns

Scotte Burns is a published writer and teacher with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. Also a songwriter and musician/vocalist, he produced the theme and internal music for Journeys to Love. He has worked as a Renaissance Festival swordsman, florist, traffic signal repairman, truck driver, and blackjack dealer. At home in the Black Hills of South Dakota, he leads tours and tells stories of Deadwood history and the life of Wild Bill Hickok.

Toni Burns

Toni Burns is an animated public speaker, turning her obsession for research into engaging and unexpected Tales encounters. A biker and bicyclist, seamstress and swashbuckler, environmentalist and omnivore, born in Greece and raised in America, she delights in contrasts, writing gardening articles and co-authoring two fantasy novels, training dogs, managing music acts, and crisscrossing America by Harley.

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